About us

We are a unique TCM lifestyle center dedicated to Beauty and Wellness through the exclusive use of Traditional and Classical Oriental Medicine techniques. We are not your average clinic, and we are very proud of that! Located in a small quiet space, we focus one at a time on our clients; preferring Quality over quantity.

For our facial massage we use Kirsten’s nationally-branded skincare line Qi Formularie, based on Chinese herbal science.  Topical herbs are a powerful tool of cosmetic TCM practice; we find them essential to getting  best results.  Our passion is combining the modalities of TCM into a Face Spa experience that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and knowing you are absolutely Beautiful

About our Acu Face Spa

An Expert in the area of Cosmetic Acupuncture, Kirsten has used her experience to develop a pleasant, effective needling technique all her own.  She  combines this with other modalities of Herbal skincare application and TuiNa in our unique AcuFaceSpa service; which also includes a full-body therapeutic acupuncture treatment and can incorporate QiGong meditation instruction and TCM Dietary Consult as well.

Kirsten has been perfecting the use of this discipline since she developed her unique methodology 10 years ago, in the clinic at her acupuncture school and at the vanguard of practitioners who choose a true specialty in Cosmetic Acupuncture. She has employed it with exceptional results: both in Tucson and in the Washington DC area where she maintained a thriving practice for 5 years while specializing in this ancient natural method of skin rejuvenation. Her protocol is fluid, care-intensive, and individually customized. Our AcuFaceSpa service utilizes Kirsten’s nationally-branded skincare line, Qi Formularie; created to complement both the practice and spirit of TCM-based skincare.

About our Treatment Approach

Its not just Needles…

We are dedicated to making various forms of TCM available to everyone through treatment, consultation and education. We offer Tui Na (Chinese Meridian Massage), cupping (suction cups applied to relieve tension/stress), Qi Gong (Chinese Medicine Exercise and Meditation), moxa therapy (heating specific points on the channels) and herbal therapeutics (the internal or topical use of complex herbal formulas for healing, general health, and Beauty).

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We also offer dietary therapy and TCM dietary counseling. We provide one-on-one QiGong/meditation instruction and small group classes, to help you integrate the nature of TCM with all other aspects of life.

Kirsten’s Medical TCM Specialties include: Pediatrics,
Internal Medicine, Stress Relief, Weight Loss and Digestion

Hello Beautiful

Meet your practitioner

Kirsten is a licensed Acupuncturist and Board-certified Chinese herbalist fully accredited by the NCCAOM as an Oriental Medicine Practitioner. A graduate of Han University in Tucson Arizona, she completed full additional training and credentialing in Chinese Herbal therapeutics along with her Masters-level acupuncture studies.

Her Western medical background includes 22 years as a pediatric/neonatal ICU practitioner.

She is a Skin Care Expert by default: always devoted to natural beauty, she formally developed her Facial Rejuvenation technique in Acupuncture school and incorporated her lifelong passion for formulating her own natural skincare by founding the nationally-branded TCM-based skincare line Qi Formularie. Read more about that story here.


Kirsten Jacob LAc., MAOM DiplOM
TCM Practitioner, Skincare Specialist

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