Available Modalities

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the most ancient systems of medical science, based on complex concepts which arose from very pure, straightforward understandings of nature, the human body, and empirically researched anatomy and physiology.  Yet it is incredibly accurate and effective – simply another lens through which to view to workings of the human body… Not at odds with Western Medicine at all, but simply framed differently to take into account the whole person, inside and outside.

We offer the following services

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Acupuncture Face Spa $1095 / Package of 10 Treatments $125 / 90 min Individual Treatment Includes initial consultation and full-body acupuncture treatment Book Now
TCM Dietary Consultation $75 / Initial visit + 1 follow up No Charge with package of 5 or after 3 individual acu sessions Book Now
Acupuncture Treatment $95 / 90 minute initial consultation and acu session $75 / 60 min subsequent session $360 / Package of 5 90 minute initial assessment and full treatment Book Now
$65 / 30 minute session $20 / if added to a full acupuncture treatment
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Chinese Herbal Consultation $65 / 30 minute session No Charge with package of 5 or after 3 individual acu sessions Book Now
Qi Gong (exercise and meditation)
per hour of individual instruction
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Tui Na (Chinese Meridian Massage) $65 / 30 minute session $75 / 45 minute session Acupressure and meridian massage performed using unique Chinese techniques over fully clothed skin Book Now
Foot Spa
30 minute foot soak with Chinese Herbs
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We will discuss your treatment with you and combine the methods in a way uniquely customized to you, personally, and your concerns.