“How can I brighten my skin?”

Speaking from a Chinese Medicine point of view,  the brightness of skin is  a function of the Yin and Yang in ideal balance.  The Yang is the 'brightness' principle, the movement, glow, life of the skin.  The Yin is the moisture, fullness component - that informs and...

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Spring, the Season of Wood

In the 5000-year-old philosophy that underpins Chinese Medicine, the season of spring is the time of the Wood element.  More accurately, and with more linguistical correctness, it could be said that springtime is the time of Trees.  But formally the myriad...

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TCM overview

Available Modalities Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the most ancient systems of medical science, based on complex concepts which arose from very pure, straightforward understandings of nature, the human body, and empirically researched anatomy and...

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The art of TCM herbal combination

A classical herbal formula is carefully constructed using a structure unique to TCM.While not every formula follows this framework exactly, it is the standard template used. There are four ‘levels’ of herbs which are combined to work with - and play off - one another...

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How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is one modality of the entire system of Chinese Medicine.  It is the one with which most Westerners are most familiar, but it is only part of a larger whole.  Having developed in a relatively insular culture, Chinese Medicine has its own unique framework,...

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Does Acupuncture Hurt

We like to say that if it hurts at all, it is about as much as having your hair pulled. Thats the short answer. The long answer is... longer.  But not ultimately much different in general. Acupuncture needles are very thin and fine.  While true Classical Chinese-style...

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Community Acupuncture

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