Chinese acupuncture is a healing technique practiced in China thousands of years back. The method is based on ancient Chinese philosophy. The main tenet of the treatment is the flow of energy within the body which is known as Qi. The vital energy flows through meridians or channels throughout the body and maintains equilibrium between the mental, physical and emotional states. When Qi flows undisrupted, we are happy and healthy.  Our body is in harmony too. If, for any reason, this flow is disrupted we experience pain and illness. According to Chinese philosophy, there are various reasons that can cause Qi to get blocked. Poor eating habits and stress can cause Qi to get disrupted. Even infection and injury can also hamper its flow.

The method of acupuncture involves insertion of needles at specific points, known as acupuncture points on the meridians where the Qi accumulates. The acupuncturist reaches the Qi and manipulates it. By inserting the needles, the flow of energy is restored thereby attaining a balance in the body.