The Chinese acupuncture is a healthcare system that is based on ancient principles. It is believed that it originated in China around two thousand years ago and is still popular today. From the land of Confucius it has traveled to the west and has gained patronage in Europe and America too.

According to this traditional system of treatment, the physical, emotional and mental states are interdependent and the body performs at its best when it is in balance. This balance is achieved when the energy flows within the body freely. This energy is known as Qi in Chinese philosophy. It flows through a network of paths also known as meridians. The network of meridians can be compared to a river system. Any hindrance to this flow of energy causes imbalance. Stagnant Qi causes imbalance. Pain and illnesses are considered to be signs of imbalance. When this imbalance occurs, the natural healing process of the body cannot work properly.

The aim of this method of treatment is to restore the equilibrium of the body. When the body is in equilibrium, the energy flows freely and it encourages the natural healing process to work and we can enjoy a healthy life.

According to Chinese medical theory, the main cause of illness and pain is blocked energy. Acupuncture can make the energy flow liberally and achieve a balance between all the important aspects of life namely, the physical, emotional and mental states.

The acupuncturists have identified several points that are located on the meridians through which the Qi flows. It also pools at these points. Through these points the Qi can be accessed and made to flow without any restraint. Very thin and sterilized needles are used to access the Qi. The acupuncturist inserts the needles at the specific points and helps Qi to rebalance and brings back the body into equilibrium.