The basic tenet of Chinese acupuncture is Qi. We can define Qi as life energy. You can also call it life spirit that flows through all living things. It is a vital component of not only acupuncture but also other alternative medicines and martial arts that originate in the east, namely reiki.

Qi can be compared to the breath we take in order to exist. Like the air we breathe in, Qi also enters our body and leaves it. Old Qi must replace new Qi for healthy living. It is the energy that connects all the vital aspects of our existence like mental, physical and emotional. Qi is related to the natural healing process of the body. When Qi flows freely our body is in equilibrium and we enjoy good health. If the movement of Qi is restricted, we experience pain and illness. Thus, according to the theory of Chinese healing, it is important to allow Qi to flow unobtrusively.

The Qi flows through a network of pathways known as meridians. There are several points in this network where Qi accumulates which are accessed by an acupuncturist to manipulate Qi and make it flow uninterruptedly.

There are several characteristics of Qi that are worth knowing. It has vibrations and can respond to acupunctural treatment. From one pressure point to another, the Qi can be made to travel and alleviate all the symptoms that hinder healthy living.